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Technical Support Services

SupportIn order to support your business critical software applications such as ERP, CRM etc, ensure business continuity, comply with standards, meet customer demands, make your IT investments future-ready etc, you need someone like pursuit to leverage your IT infrastructure and make it easily deployable, scalable and available.

Pursuit Technologies provides a technical and support services that are delivered on a streamlined and seamless manner. Our value proposition to clients comes with over a decade’s experience in IT infrastructure Design and Implementation.




Services at a Glance

  • Design Services.
  • Deployment.
  • Migration Services.
  • Project Management.
  • Infrastructure Management Services (IMS)


Tech SupportWe integrate and deliver appropriate technologies with a consultative approach which ensures the most effective and performance-oriented solution for our clients. Our consultants can assist you with IT auditing and analysis, and recommend the most suitable Infrastructure Management service. You will also have the advantage of our Project Management Services to achieve end-to-end successful roll out.